We've got the tools, you've got the ideas

Create beautiful, well organized online courses with Trails

Course Creation


Trails are online courses like never seen before. Organize and deliver your course as a helpful map of resources. Use colors and labels to denote sections of your Trail to further enchance the resource map.

Simple Trails Creator

Our intuitive drag and drop interface makes creating Trails a cinch. Add your resources, set the sequence, and organize with colors.



Instructors can create groups that users can join for free. Students will be able to learn and grow from each other as they learn your material.

Build a following

Connect with other students who are learning the same material. We believe in the power of the community.

Direct Messaging

Provide feedback, offer solutions, or just casually chat with any of your students. Having a direct line of communication to your students is paramount. Students can also communicate with one another. We believe in the power of community and encourage students to learn from each others experiences.


Custom Branding

With Trails you get your own customized marketplace. Enhance your Trails environment by adding your logo and custom colors.

Custom Pricing

Charge as much or as little as you want for your courses. You will be paid immedietly upon course purchase.

Powerful Analytics

What good is having online courses if you can't gather data about how your courses are being viewed or understood? Our powerful analytics will allow you to see how well your Trails are doing.

Security and Support

Every user has their own Trails environment. We keep your data separate from other users to protect your something or other.