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Hello, it's Trails.

Making it easy to find and share relevant knowledge.
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Leveraging the knowledge of your employees is a competitive advantage. It should be yours.

Unlock the shared knowledge from your employees and culture to improve communication and collaboration.
Easy to use, complete system
Leverage and identify SME's
Enable employees to create and share
Actionable Analytics help identify gaps
Build Community around employee interests
Zero-install Software-as-a-Service (SAAS)
The knowledge of your employees is your company's greatest asset. Trails is an easy way to capture, nurture and share it. Use Trails to develop high-value talent, improve collaboration and drive innovation. Enable your employees to find what they need and share what they know.

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What is Trails?

Trails is a cloud application giving people a fresh perspective on concepts, allowing anyone to curate, organize and share information in a beautiful and engaging way.
You have questions, you have answers.


Easily publish corporate training content without recreating the wheel.

You have questions, you have answers.


Anyone can ask for job resources, learn what others need, or even find cafes for after work.

Its social learning, yo!


Anyone can subscribe to topics and people that are relevant to their interests and stay up to date.

Share and be social.


Identify employee usage, training gaps, most utilized resources, and learn where to develop more relevant instructional content.

Curate, Share, Influence

Q & A with a visual twist

Unique and innovative social bookmarks display with forks, tangents, colors, and more.

Curate, Share, Influence

Or play it straight

Or, keep it simple with Trail display default settings. Whatever works for you!

Curate, Share, Influence

Tags & Subscriptions

Keyword your Trails, Requests and Users, making content easier to find and subscriptions more relevant.

Curate, Share, Influence

Curate relevant web content

Annotate and comment on important websites. Keep research URLs centralized, share curated results as Trails.

Find your way with Trails.

Trails is a beautiful tool that employees will actually want to use. It's a cloud application that's fun, easy to learn and instantly engaging. Share employee knowledge, encourage connection and collaboration, and drive innovation.
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