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Trails for Organizations is a platform for finding and sharing curated resources

  • Helps employees find what they need and share what they know
  • Unlocks the shared knowledge from your employees and culture to improve communication and collaboration.
  • Brings the competitive advantage of Social Learning
"...finding and sharing curated resources" you say...

Trails.by helps employees find their way by connecting Questions ("Requests") and Answers ("Trails") on one site. Trails are collected resources such as PDFs, JPGs, Webpages, DOCs, and other training and informational material Organizations already produce everyday. Trails are a beautiful way to find and share more efficiently from the overload of resources.

Trails are superior to standard social book-mark sharing because Trails are curated to answer a particular question, as opposed to the unspoken generic question of traditional bookmarking/pinning sites, and because Trails offer a clear sequence and a visualization, including 'main' and 'tangent' links to help you find your way.

Curating content is often more important than creating content. (#truedat)

In many scenarios, the issues is not a lack of information or resources, it is making it easier to find the right information, and in the way a member of your organization likes to receive it. Trails are curated resources that answer specific questions, posed by the Trail creator, or from within the organization's community.

"Relevance over speed?!" What is this madness...

Overall, we favor relevance over speed-for-speed's sake for closing the Q & A loop. Trails and Requests are connected through creator-supplied tags, while the Community stays connected to what is important to them through immediate notifications of new Trails or Requests matching tags (or people) they follow. In this way, every Request and Trails finds the members of your Organization with the expertise and experience, growing the shared knowledge in your teams.

The beauty of a simple URL

One of the nice things about Trails.by is the structure of the URLs, which amplify your branding, and make it very easy to understand who curated the Trail. Of course, all URLs are easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, or email, and each Trail has been SEO tweaked for optimal Google-ability. Examples:
http://trails.by/sxsw -->the easy-to-share, remember or guess public page for your trails
http://trails.by/sxsw/best-indie-bands-to-see-in-2012, --> a Trail Map overview page
http://trails.by/sxsw/most-inspiring-entrepreneurs-panels/6 --> the 6th resource in the Trail.

The custom-fit of http://myorganization.trails.by

The Trails.by platform can be enabled for your organization, with many customized options, such as visual theming and branding, public or restricted access, analytics and other Admin features not available to users of the mass consumer site at Trails.by.

http://myorganization.trails.by is an innovative and easy way to extend your formal and informal training & development, streamline new employee onboarding, increase collabloration and nurture company culture.

Say it again!

Find Your Way with Trails.

for more information or to schedule a conversation about how Trails fits within your organization —

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